Tutto Food | 8 – 11 May 2017

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Tutto Food 

Location: Fiera Milano, Rho, Milan, Italy

What is Tutto Food?

Tutto Food is the international B2B show dedicated to food & beverage and organised by Fiera Milano. In just 5 editions, it has become the perfect showcase for presenting one’s products to international markets.

Export Pavilion Promotions offers you the chance to attend

You can attend this trade show as an exhibitor and showcase your food & beverage  products or you can attend this trade show as a hosted buyer and have meetings with exhibitors/potential suppliers. Contact us today!

Exhibition categories at Tutto Food

Tutto Dairy[1]

Hard and soft cheeses, blue cheese, rich cheese, stretched cheese, pressed cheese, aged cheese, smoked cheese, fresh cheese, vegetable cream spreads, butter, milk, cream, ricotta, yoghurt

Tutto Frozen[2]

Gelato, ready meals, pasta, bread, pizza, pastry items, seafood

Tutto Meat[3]

Cured meats, general meat, game, offal, entrails, ready-made dishes

Tutto Sweet[4]

Biscuits, candies, sugared almonds, chocolate, nougat, cream spreads, desserts, sweeteners, honey, decorations fro confectionary industry

Tutto Seafood[5]

Smoked fish, dried fish, tinned fish, fresh fish, processed and packaged fish

Tutto Drink[6]

Mineral water, beer, coffee, functional beverages, energy drinks, beverage for outside the home, wine, liquor, spirits

Tutto Grocery[7]

Flour, broth and soups, preserves, marinated food items, pickled food, dried fruit, truffles, marmalades, rice, grains, legumes, spices, aromas

Tutto Green[8]

Macrobiotic products, herbal products, vegan products, organic products

Tutto Bakery[9]

Ready-made bases, bread, pizza, snacks, pastry items

Tutto Deli[10]

Delicatessen, freeze-dried ready-made meals, sauces and condiments

Tutto Fruit[11]

A special exhibition for fruit & veg products, packaging, logistics & services and more.

Tutto Health[12]

Doctors, nutritionists, dieticians, personal trainers & pharmacists can attend many scientific seminars

Wine Discovery[13]

Tutto Food collaborates with Fiera di Verona to showcase various wines from across the globe.

Tutto Oil[14]

Cooking oil, olive oil, vegetable fats

Tutto Food Statistics

Visitors: 78493 total visitors

23430 international visitors

55063 Italian visitors

Exhibitors: total of 2838

International 432

Italians 2406

The following stats provides the percentage focus for each sector (in terms of the visitor’s focus):

Sales reps & wholesalers: 30%

Import/export: 18%

Bar: 13%

Speciality stores: 5%

Large chains: 14%

Other: 20%

Trade Show Analysis

From a visitor perspective:

Given the high number of international visitors attending this show will benefit South African visitors. The high number of international visitors leads SA companies to new opportunities, profitability and the chance to gain a competitive advantage in the industry.

From an exhibitor perspective:

With such a low number of international organisations being an exhibitor, this provides the opportunity for SA companies to  introduce themselves to the international audience at the trade show. Thus south African organisations can capitalize on market expansion & internationalisation.

Benefits of attending Tutto food for SA companies

1. Opportunity to form strategic partnerships[15]

Tutto Food provides the opportunity for strategic partnerships and alliances to develop between suppliers and buyers.

2. Your company stays current[16]

Whether you are attending as an exhibitor or delegate, your company will be exposed to leading innovation, technology and trends in the food & beverage industry.

3. Exhibitors can pre-test their products[17]

Exhibitors can introduce their new products and innovations to the international audience at the trade show. Exhibitors can improve their products based on the feedback from the show.

4. International competitor analysis[18]

Should your company be global, this provides you with the opportunity to analyse your competitors. This can be done by observing innovations & products offered by competitiors.

5. Delegates can import new merchandise[19]

You have the opportunity to import new merchandise or technology, leading to improved market stance and profitability.

6. Fun & team-building for delegates[20]

Not only is this a profitable business initiative for you as a delegate, but an opportunity for you and your collegues to have fun. You can treat this as a team-building exercise for your company.


Grab this great business opportunity!

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