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Transpotec | 22 – 25 Feb 2017


Location: Veronafiere, Italy

What is Transpotec?

Transpotec is a logistics tradeshow that aims to showcase various technological shifts & latest innovation. This tradeshows sole focus is on transport & logistics. This event is open to both the private market & public market.

Exhibition Categories

  • Community for Logistics & Transport
  • IT Solutions for Logistics & Transport
  • Logistics Services
  • Transport
  • Logistics Products

Statistics for Transpotec 2015

  • 260 exhibitors
  • 24 107 visitors
  • Trade Show space: 53, 474 sqm
  • Visitors have increased by 16% from the last tradeshow
  • Exhibitors have increased by 33% from the last trade event
  • Thus ensuring an ever increasing demand, meaning SA organisations can find opportunity in both SA & abroad.

Exhibitors in the various categories:

Community for Logistics & Transport  – 34 exhibitors

IT Solutions for Logistics & Transport  – 44 exhibitors

Logistics Services  – 43 exhibitors

Transport  – 142 exhibitors

Logistics Products  – 20 exhibitors

Analysis of Statistics

  • Based on the statistics above, we can see that the “Transport” category holds 50% of the exhibitors. Given that most of SA’s product transportation occurs via road, this will be an excellent opportunity for SA organisations to improve their transportation in terms of transportation timing, reliability and cost.
  • Logistics systems are important for inventory management & control, thus implementing new logistics systems will improve time efficiency & storage space.
  • Due to breakdowns, time delays occur, thus by improving logistics technology, we can in future reduce this issue.
  • High crime has led to loss of stock and profitability, as for instance the high jacking of trucks and cargo ships. With new & improved logistic technology, software or any new form of innovation which limits such a matter can be highly beneficial.
  • Dealers, trucking & freight, manufacturers & distributors make up majority of the exhibitors, thus the core focus would be on trucking and freight, and with SA’s logistics mainly occurring via truck, this makes this tradeshow appealing and realistically provides a new solution to current transportation problems.

Analysis of SA Logistics & Transport Industry

  • High oil prices have led to an increase in transportation cost, thus major firms would want to reduce this through new technology, for instance more fuel efficient & economic vehicles and new energy sources.
  • Going “green” is a major concern for SA, as the country needs to meet international standard. In order to do so, organisations need to adapt to change & new technology. Organisations which attend Transpotec will have an advantage over the rest in long term profitability and competitiveness.

Benefits of attending Transpotec

Benefit 1

You keep up with leading innovation & technology

Benefit 2

Based on feedback from trade show visitors, you can develop new ideas for your company or for your products

Benefit 3

As a buyer or delegate, you will have the opportunity to import new merchandise or technology, leading to improved market stance and profitability

Benefit 4

As a buyer or delegate, you will be able to find new product uses or benefits

Benefit 5

Should your company be global, this provides you with the opportunity to analyse your competitors and gaps in the market.

Benefit 6

As an exhibitor, there is added marketing incentive due to additional media coverage (should your display be a trend setter)

Benefit 7

Trade shows provides the opportunity for strategic partnerships & alliances to develop with  suppliers or buyers.

Benefit 8

This is an opportunity for delegates to have fun & even treat this as work combined with team building.


Improve your transport & logistics business! Attend Transpotec.

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