Security Essen | 25 – 28 Sep 2018

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Security Essen

Location: Essen, Germany

What is Security Essen?
Security Essen is a world renown tradeshow which aims to educate its visitors & hosts about all the new trends & development with regard to security & fire prevention. Security Essen has been ranked number 1 in its category & class for over 40 years running.

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You can attend this trade show as an exhibitor and showcase your security products or you can attend this trade show as a hosted buyer and have meetings with exhibitors/potential suppliers. Contact us today!

Exhibition categories at Security Essen:


1. Fire Prevention[1]

Technological fire protection, Alarms, Smoke detection, Gas warning

2. Electronic & Mechanical Security[2]

Hold up & intruder alarms, Theft alarms, Individual devices, Crime detection

3. IT Security [3]

Research & development, Information protection

4. CCTV[4]

Video surveillance, Control surveillance

5. Services, special vehicles and equipment[5]

Close combat protection, Protective clothing, Personal equipment

6. Perimeter Security[6]

Access equipment, Installation & maintenance

7. Counter Terrorism [7]

Special services, Guarding services, Organisation planning & training, Specialized literature


Who does Security Essen target?

Trade Show Statistics 

Benefits of attending Security Essen for your security business

Benefit 1[8]

You keep up with leading innovation & technology

Benefit 2[9]

Based on feedback from trade show visitors, you can develop new ideas for your company or for your products

Benefit 3[10]

As a buyer or delegate, you will have the opportunity to import new merchandise or technology, leading to improved market stance and profitability

Benefit 4[11]

As a buyer or delegate, you will be able to find new product uses or benefits

Benefit 5[12]

Should your company be global, this provides you with the opportunity to analyse your competitors and gaps in the market.

Benefit 6[13]

As an exhibitor, there is added marketing incentive due to additional media coverage (should your display be a trend setter)

Benefit 7[14]

Trade shows provides the opportunity for strategic partnerships & alliances to develop with  suppliers or buyers.

Benefit 8[15]

This is an opportunity for delegates to have fun & even treat this as work combined with team building.

For Fire Prevention Companies

For companies that deal with counter-terrorism

For company that deal with anti-theft systems and solutions 

This is a show you cannot miss out on!

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